Wardrobe Replenishment

Need new pieces, but hate to shop or just don't have the time? Let us do it for you! We are true bargain hunters, so why not take advantage?!? There is never any mark up on items purchased, so you truly benefit from our love of the hunt! We bring your personalized picks to you and we take back anything you don't love, with absolutely no hassle.

Closet Purge

We will come to your home, help you assess and purge your closet of ill-fitting or outdated pieces. We evaluate these items together and, if applicable, we donate the items that you no longer want. We will happily drop those items for donation and provide you with a receipt of your tax deductible donation.

Look Book

Get a personalized style "book" with your own looks, as well as style ideas and recommended purchase links for your leisurely online shopping. This will be your own private Pintrest board, with all pics, posts, blogs, tips and shopping links specific to you. This will become your new inspiration and reference for looking good all the time. Just like the Cool Ass Person you are!

Closet Merge

Post personal shopping, we will merge what we kept in your closet with all of your new goodies. We will make sure you always have something to wear! This can include personalized style pictures to add to your lookbook, should you choose to do so.