A little about me...
I grew up in a vintage fabric business. My grandfather owned a drapery business in Norfolk, Virginia. When he decided to close the brick and mortar location on Freemason Street, he began to sell fabrics to set decorators for both TV and movie productions. My grandmother was a total “fashionista” and taught me a love of shopping that has never left me! She was the one everyone called to ask “what should I wear?”.

I have always had an overwhelming love of fashion and design. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in clothing and textiles, both merchandising and design. This is where I learned to buy and create, not only for myself, but also for others. I was taught early on that not everything is for everyone! There really is no “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to fashion. Different things work for different people!

I decided to enter the world of corporate merchandising and retail buying. I’ve purchased for many different categories, but my passion has always been in clothing and accessories. Thankfully, I’ve been able to combine my background with the knowledge of how to “buy” and that you never have to “break the bank” to look like a million bucks! I shop at a variety of retailers, always providing my clients a large assortment to chose from, while keeping them within their budget.

I have an understanding of all types of dress, from executive to casual. I’ve helped people improve their professional image, update their everyday look, and when requested, transform their entire outside image to one they are truly proud of and comfortable with. I always work within the guidelines you set, so there’s never a feeling of being “pushed” towards something you don’t like. When I leave, I want my clients to feel better about themselves. That’s truly my greatest joy in this business. When I see someone look in the mirror and light up at the end of a session, I know I’ve done a good job!