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  • Fabulous
    Jessica is wonderful !! For someone who doesn't have time to put it all together or doesn't really enjoy shopping .....She is perfect for you !! Brings a variety of items .....Many things I wouldn't have thought to even try! Great job - great personality -- I will hire her again! Laura
    Laura R.
  • Amazing and pleasant experience!
    Jessica is amazing!!! She helped my daughter find professional clothes to wear for law school events and for her first summer job during law school. Jessica shopped for my daughter, brought her a huge assortment of clothes to try, and very nicely steered Michelle toward the clothes with the best fit. I would hire Jessica again in a second and would highly recommend her. She is a pleasure to work with.
    Sharon A.
    Jessica is AMAZING!!! She traveled quite a distance to my house and spent 3 hours with me going through my whole closet (and all my drawers!). What I was expecting was someone who would come and help me put some outfits together, but what I got was SO much more than that. First, Jessica helped me figure out my style, and then we went through my clothes to see what went together. I then tried on EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing (and shoe) I have, and she told me what worked with my shape and what didn't. Next, she suggested some items that could complete my wardrobe. One of the best things was she helped me realize that I didn't really need a lot more clothes, I just needed to be more comfortable putting the ones I had together. She really helped me gain confidence in my clothing choices, in turn helping me gain confidence in myself! I couldn't be more thankful for her help in changing the way I look at my wardrobe!
    Kaylyn K.
  • So helpful!
    Jessica helped me find clothes for my cruise! Everything she picked out was perfect for what I needed. It was so nice to not have to stress about picking out what I would wear and what would be flattering on me. I totally trust her judgement and I would definitely book her again!
    Renae T.
  • Awesome!
    Jessica really takes the time to get to know her customers and does a great job matching to their styles!
    Carmela R.
  • Confidence boosting closet refresh!
    Jessica has an amazing ability to see the potential in you...& your existing wardrobe...and choose additions that help you put your best foot forward. Just a conversation with her will have you holding your head higher and your back straighter. I can't say enough about her talent and what she can accomplish in what seems to me to be a short amount of time. Hands down the best investment in yourself!
    Adina G.
  • Awesome experience !
    I loved working with Jessica! She helped me become more organized with my wardrobe and showed me creative ways to use my own clothes ! I look forward to continuing to work with Jessica for many seasons to come to manage my wardrobe!!
    Margaret M.
  • Jessica was an absolute dream to work with. She helped me prune my closet, and then she bought a bunch of clothes that really complimented my figure and my personal sense of style (such as it is). Working with her was like working with a friend. She totally revitalized my closet, and she taught me a lot about how to dress myself in a flattering way.

    Lauren P.
  • Jessica at Cool Ass Closet is incredibly helpful, friendly, and professional. She knows her textiles and the consignment shop is super easy to navigate with some really nice items in stock. She's willing to work with your personal needs, and helped me figure out some questions about body shape and color analysis I've had for a long time. If you live in Tidewater or southern Virginia don't go all the way to DC to get fashion services. You have a professional in the area. Ultimately I would recommend her!
    Sarah O.
  • Jessica was fabulous. She help me revamp my closet with a career style that was right for me. I am excited as we work towards a casual style and continue to add to my wardrobe.
    Catjerine L.
  • Jessica helped me re-work my wardrobe, and find fall and winter clothes that best fit my petite 5'2" frame. She selected beautiful clothes for me that flattered my figure as well as my hair and skin coloring. Jessica is truly a fashion expert, and she has such a great personality and excellent taste. She is fun to work with! The clothes she selected were high quality, name brand items with low prices ... she is a true bargain hunter. I would highly recommend Jessica for any type of wardrobe styling services. I plan to hire her again very soon for some spring and summer key pieces! She also does a great job with accessorizing. For excellent service, reasonable prices and and a one stop shop for fashion, Jessica is a rare find in the VA area.
    Anne Frances M.
  • Very knowledgeable and insightful. Honest but tactful. I really enjoyed our initial consultation and look forward to working with her for future appointments!
    Kathryn S.
  • jessica is great! She helped me go through my closet and get rid of what didn't fit or was out of style. We discussed what I liked and what I needed. She returned with a lot of outfits for me to try. It was so much fun. I wore some of my new clothes the next day and felt great about the way I looked. That is the best part of all. I am already talking about doing it again for fall and winter.
    Shannon H.
  • I hired Jessica to help me complete my summer wardrobe. I had lots of pieces in my closet that I did not think went with anything that I already owned. On her first visit we went through my closet and discovered ways to mix and match my pieces. She also helped me figure out which pieces flatter my figure and out which did not. She and I consulted on the types of clothes I would need for work and play, and then she went shopping for styles in my budget. I was thrilled with the items she picked! The best part was that she picked things I would have never chosen for myself, and they have become my new favorites! She was very professional, encouraging, courteous and fun. I highly recommend her services.
    Tasha C.
  • Jessica is very knowledgeable, resourceful and passionate about helping women. She came to my home and completed a consultation. Her services included eliminating clothing that I no longer use, shopping and selecting new affordable pieces of clothing, and creating a look-book. Jessica is punctual, fun and exciting to work with! I would recommend her to anyone looking to create a new look or a complete wardrobe change. I would definitely use her services again.
    Nadine F.
  • Jessica is amazing! So fun to work with! I hired her as a wardrobe consultant and gave her a budget of how much I wanted to spend on new clothes. I was THRILLED with how much she brought back to me. To say that she is a professional shopper is an extreme understatement! I loved EVERYTHING!!!
    Elise C.
  • Jessica was great! My daughter was looking for a new look for her high school junior year. We didn't know where to start. Jessica came by and helped her pull new looks together based on what she already had in her closet. Jessica also gave excellent pointers on other clothing pieces and accessories to look for to complete her new look. She give us tips on how to find these at affordable prices. Jessica was prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Her services were priced just right. My daughter loved all her new looks and all of Jessica's ideas. When Jessica left my daughter had a newfound confidence and style. It's safe to safe, we're using her again...

    Marsha h.
  • I had a great experience with Jessica. She took the time to go through my closet with me and got a sense of my style preferences and sizes from different brands. She then did all the shopping and came back with a ton of clothes. Some were fun items that I wouldn't have picked out myself but worked great. As a petite woman, I often have trouble finding clothes that fit nicely and properly and get frustrated going into store after store to find items. Jessica took all the frustration out of shopping for me! Even better, my husband gave this experience to me as a Christmas present, which worked well because I can rarely find time to go shopping with two young kids.
    Elizabeth W.
  • Needed a more professional wardrobe which accomodates my constant travel. Utilized her services for a 2 part session. The first part she helped me go through my existing clothing. She helped identify what to keep, was flattering, professional and stylish. More importantly, she tactfully helped me identify pieces that should no longer be used, did not fit correctly, or were too out of date. The shopping piece was truly wonderful. Jessica returned with numerous selections that augmented and complemented the pieces I already had. She shopped in stores I've only admired, but never had the guts (or time) to shop in. She procured quite a few deals and I am pleased with all my selections! Will definitely use her again! Thanks Jessica!
  • If you would like to rejuvenate your wardrobe then I recommend Jessica's comprehensive, professional and friendly service. I hired Jessica to update my fall/winter wardrobe. Jessica's love of fashion and her passion for shopping are evident. She tuned into what I was looking for and what styles looked best on me. I am 100% satisfied with my experience and I look forward to working with Jessica in the spring, when she will help me breath life into my spring/summer wardrobe.
    Yael A.
  • Where do I even start to begin with how incredible Jessica Mills is?!? She exceeded my expectations beyond belief. I have been wanting to get help with my style (lack there of) for years and I could not have found a better person for the job. She is very professional and very down to earth. She made me feel comfortable and taught me a lot about my wardrobe, old and new. She was honest, fair, and extremely sweet about all the comments she made. I am thrilled to have found a stylist for life, we will definitely be working together every season from here on out. I have since found a new confidence that both myself and my husband love. I cannot thank Jessica enough!
    Heather B.
  • Wow!! Jessica is the bomb and honestly one cool ass person! Awesome time listening to her share in my class about her come up to her successful private buisness. She shops at the best stores and guarantees the lowest cost so you can keep your well earned money in your pockets! Contact her like I did and she will change your aperance in a positive feel great way! Great Gal 10/10!
    Ryan L.
  • I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! She drove to RVA from the beach and spent 6 hours going thru my whole wardrobe. The process was so easy and my closets look totally refreshed I found things I hadn't seen in years. I highly recommend Cool Ass Closets!!
    Judy L.
  • Awesome.. she made all the pairings look so easy. I'm very happy with her recommendations.
  • Jessica was amazing! Not only did she help me clear out the clothes in my closet, she also went shopping for me. She was professional and personable. The wardrobe she has developed for me is fantastic. I will be using her services again and highly recommend her for anyone looking to make beautiful changes in their wardrobe.
  • What a great experience! Jessica took a boring constantly casually dressed work from home Mom and dressed her for success. I walked into my sales meeting feeling like a million bucks! Next up is cleaning out the closet and adding a few more must haves to my wardrobe. Jessica's sense of style is on point. She really knows how to play to my best features. Thank you Cool Ass Closet.....I look forward to my next session and stepping up my style game!!
  • I was looking to freshen up my work wardrobe. Jessica is knowledgeable and confident and very easy to shop with. I didn't feel pressured to buy something I wasn't sure about. I'm still getting compliments on my new outfits and it feels great. I would love to work with Jessica again in the near future.
    Lynn S.
  • Jessica was excellent. She was extremely easy to work with and took the dread out of shopping for myself. She listened to the types of items I was looking for and found them at better prices than I could have on my own. She even did the returns! It could not have been any easier. Based on this experience, I will absolutely be using her again after summer for an updated cold weather wardrobe.
    John M.
  • Very responsive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone considering improving their wardrobe.
    Kenneth P.
  • Jessica did an awesome job helping me go thru my summer wardrobe. It was so nice to purge the clothes that I should not be wearing! I learned so much about what I should be wearing for my body type. I look forward to getting Jessica to help me with my winter wardrobe and getting her to do some shopping for me!
    Suzanne J.

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